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CoollooK Architectural Design

CoolooK design studio is a vibrant young talent practice with over 10 years of experience at the forefront of Architecture, interior design, housing and office/commercial designs located in Tehran. This multi-disciplinary studio expertise expands from variety of public-private sectors such as residential/office interior design, exhibition stands, broadcast set designs for IRIB, graphic design, professional sketching of the urban landscape and urban designers with appropriate responses specific to the demands of brief & site. Our studio is organized to deliver high quality work. This means our resources are project focused and we are therefore familiar with handling varying budgets to create innovative design solutions. The practice has developed a diverse range of projects that have been widely recognisedand awarded.

CoolooK design studio’s mission is the delivery of high quality innovative spaces with ergonomically, user centered design principles (anthropometric), poetic and regionally driven and responsive designs based on the establishment of strong, cooperative relationships with its clients. The practice has strong experience in projects of various types and scales, from small residential renovations to larger stand-alone institutional buildings/exhibitions and broadcast designs for the national television IRIB with methods that optimizes human well-being and overall system performance.

As ergonomically-minded interior designers with Architecture and spatial and graphical backgrounds; we can produce living spaces that are not only “comfortable” to live in, but virtue of this ease, facilitates “happier” living. Going beyond ergonomics and taking it into a wider perspective where from the composition and presence of the materials to the handling of proportions, the effect of light, colors, optical illusions that occur under the influence of psychological phenomena, contrasts and visual memory resulting in a poetics interior is what interest us. We believe design acts as a basis for human interaction and forms a stage for engagement with one another and their surrondings on their daily basis, but it cannot be fully appreciated without a poetic interior. Morever our multi-disciplinary design studio with the teaching backgrounds and collaboration with different universities has a strong research and publication foundation, which facilitates toward an updated and thriving creative agency.